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In the year 2012, Mike, a secret detective in a private school RCS (Royal Christian School), finds any evidences to reveal an unknown suspect. His first evidence was a letter from the politely attractive girl, named Dominique. Sometimes, he need to think deeper behind the strange evidence, and Dominique's behavior. He helped his classmates, like Ninna, Rhealin, Chris, and more, to find more clues to solve the mystery. Finally, he found the strange, but suspicious evidence that he found in the campus, the love potion. The question is, who is the victim of that evidence, and who create this dangerous material?

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Notice to Youtubers/streamers playing this game, use the hashtag: #MysteryInTheCampus, and you need to post-message in the comments here for approval.

Game version: V8

More info of this game right here!

Install instructions

Just open the .exe and enjoy. Make sure to follow instructions in the game!



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